5 smart ways to add value to your property

There are several ways you can raise value to a property. This may include smaller and larger renovation projects, all depending on the actual budget and time you have to make such projects come true.

Create a living space out of your basement

This is said to add up to 30% to the whole value of a property which seems realistic, especially if the basement area covers the total area of the ground floor. You can add multiple rooms a bathroom and even a kitchen if there are amenities for doing so. If the laundry room is already located down there, then your chances are much brighter for being able to create extra bathroom and/or kitchen down there. Another good news is, that if you have a basement it generally doesn’t need extra permissions for converting. It may however become extremely costly and a long process. Be sure to hire a professional team along with an interior designer to make sure the space will look great and would properly work as an organic addition to the rest of the house.

Add an extra bathroom to whenever possible

The large majority of people are looking for a home that’s larger than their previous one which generally means they would need more bathroom too. If the extra bathroom is in the basement section, make sure there is a proper living area around it. You can also recreate closet spaces, aisles and storage rooms as bathrooms. If you can only create a powder room that’s also way more than nothing. An additional bathroom’s regular value may even be an additional 10% to the original value of a home.

Open up the kitchen area as much as possible

The expression „Open air concept kitchen” works as a magical word in the world of property business and this is one thing most people are looking for when looking for a new house. Try to open your kitchen up or try to make it bigger as economically as possible. As older homes generally have their kitchen apart from the living room area this can sometimes be a challenging project, but it can add more than 15% to the original value of a home.

Additional bedroom or kids’ room

Most people who are on the lookout for a new house are those who are extending family, therefore they are badly in need of more rooms than they currently have. This is why it’s a great deal to convert any sort of a storage or closet space into a bedroom. There are tons of ways to do that, sometimes, people can also add parts of alleyways to dead spaces and create an additional room out of it. When it comes to property, the number of rooms is key factor when it comes to price creation. This means, any additional room adds pretty much value to a house. Each additional room can add up to 20% to the actual value of a home.

Storage space

Built-in closets, opening up spaces to recreate them as additional storage places always works. Most people need more storage place than they actually have and they prefer this storage space to be at hand and not somewhere further from the room or kitchen area. Therefore it’s wise to use all the present resources to create additional storage space.