The most off putting home items which can ruin a home sale

There are two types of old: the beautiful old and the horrid old. The below items all belong to the second category, all were done in an era where taste was quite questionable and way different from today’s taste and should definitely not left in any home as mementos of an age when style faux-pas was the norm.

Old countertops both in kitchen and in the bathroom

There is nothing which would be more off putting than old, outdated countertops, especially those with all those yellow and brownish shades. Another really off putting method is the actually tiled countertops, which seemed a good idea back in the day, but it really was not.

Floor mats covering the whole floor

Carpets can look great, but floor mats do look outdated and as cleaning them is a hard task, their cleanness becomes more and more questioned over time. Our suggestion is to remove it from the floor and make the wooden floor visible again. Cleared wooden floor can be very attractive when presented appropriately.

Vinyl flooring

Another disastrous choice from the Seventy-Eighty era vinyl flooring gets extremely hard to clean, it looks and feels plastic and the old fashioned ones look the most horrible. Clear it up from whenever you can or at least change it to a new one. Even concrete flooring is more attractive than vinyl flooring.

Old wallpapers

Old, worn out wallpapers can have disastrous effects to any room and this is especially apparent when it comes to selling a home. Try to get them removed and apply a clean white paint on all the walls and it will really work miracles.

Seventies, Eighties whole-wall shelving

In the Seventies, Eighties it was considered to be hip to have shelving that covered the entire wall in an especially horrid fashion, which took tons of space from the room and also made it look dark and gloomy. If your home has such remnant it will do wonders if you have it instantly removed. These can make every single room appear small and lifeless.

Wood wainscot panelled rooms

Now, we don’t talk about today’s trendy white wainscot panels. We are talking about the wooden, lacquered horrid wainscot which used to be so hip back in the Eighties, partially because it was said to have some heat insulation qualities. That particular wooden coloured, lacquered wainscot can ruin every- and any space, also making them appear visually much smaller. Remove these as best as you can because it’s one of today’s biggest put-offs. Also it’s quite a work to have them removed.

Ugly wall colours

Bright greens, pinks, yellows and blues are not appealing especially when they were applied more than twenty years ago, when the wall colours were far from being as sophisticated as they are these days.

Old style lamps

Now, we do not talk about the vintage or antique lamps which can properly decorate any home but the Seventies Eighties design failures which still can be seen in so many older homes. Do yourself a favour and remove those as much as you can in order to make your home more attractive for potential buyers.