Real estate agent pro tips on making a home more attractive

One definite way to make a property more sellable is to ask a real estate agency or we buy any house company to help you with the cleaning, staging and if required also with the moving tasks. The luckiest scenario is, when the real estate agency can help you with both the selling and with the finding of your new property, this way, all can be done with one go without confusions and unnecessary hassle.

Hereby we would like to represent you with some pro tips of real estate agents to make it more sellable.

  1. Make spaces appear larger by doing a complete decluttering - Decluttering does wonders with any flat. If you decide to pack out all those things you have managed to collect over the years or even decades, your home will instantly look way larger and this is just the cluttering part. According to statistics, each one of us keep piles of unused, unwanted and long forgotten stuff here and there in our property. Once we decide to get rid of all these, magical space will be freed up and this is a huge step also towards moving out from the property.

  2. Cleaning is a must - If a space is absolutely clean it will instantly become way more attractive and the smell will be good as well. These may seem little things, but they play a huge role in clients choosing the home they would want to buy.

  3. Take out all unwanted furniture - Most people tend to have more furniture they would need. If you want to successfully advertise your home then make sure there are no used furniture shown on the photos. If something looks explicitly used or it’s simply ugly and not useful, make it the first to be moved out.

  4. Use staging as it would remarkably raise the price of a property - Staging does wonders with the price of a property. Homes which are staged tend to be sold 20-30% over their average value. It may cost you a few hundred pounds but it’s well worth the money.

  5. Do not keep any personal objects around - Before showing your home make sure all your personal belongings are moved out, this also includes the photographs on the wall. The reason for this is, that potential buyers do not want to see your property. They want to see a property as a potential home for themselves. Personal objects may limit this will and make selling way harder.

  6. Do not be around by the time visitors come - It’s best for the owners not to be present when their home is shown for many reasons, with emotional attachment to the home being the strongest out of all these. Owners may react to some questions or remarks badly because of their emotional attachment, therefore they would make selling process much harder. It’s best to leave this all to the real estate agent. You save yourself from lots of stress and win time to deal with your own things.