5 key things people look for in city apartments

There are tons of people who cannot afford to move outside to a large house just yet, therefore they are looking for an apartment which suits best to their expectations. There are a couple of key concepts which people set up before starting their search. Therefore you would need to concentrate on these as these can also help you find your target audience. Let us also add, that most of these things are out of your control but you can focus on some of these depending on the target audience and get well prepared as to who may look for a flat with the location and characteristics you can offer.

The location

The actual location has a very big importance in case of a city apartment.. This means, if your apartment is located especially close to schools then families can be your target. If the apartment is particularly close to a university then your target can easily be those who look for the first flat for their teenage kids who will study at that particular university. The closeness of larger business or office buildings are best for those who actually work in these. City centre flats are of course the most valued for many, but others may prefer to stick with a suburban area. And the list can go on.

Public transportation and parking

People with car would always prioritize on those flats which also have a garage simply because this makes life so much easier on the long haul and also it is way more secure than having to worry about parking every single day. As the large majority of people want to save money and use public transportation in most European cities for them the closeness of specific buses, trams, tube stations will always be a priority.

What’s nearby and what’s not

Are stores and restaurants in a walking distance? Do they have laundry and dry cleaner nearby? Are there parks, playgrounds nearby? How close is the nearest hospital? All these questions really depend on who your target audience is and specifying these can also help you in finding your own best target audience.

How expensive are the amenities?

This means the costs of overall maintenance, the bills including the water, the electricity the cleaning and so on so forth. Most houses do have a commonly shared cost which everyone needs to pay each month. These costs may greatly differ from one another. Find out what the main costs are, how much they cost each month and what they include. In the UK one can easily change we buy any house providers when it comes to it but some costs may still remain. Look for the pros and the cons of costs and be prepared to present these accordingly.

The number of rooms and separate spaces

When it comes to houses, open concept is a good thing and the same may go to singles and couples living together. But open concept would fail when it comes to apartments, where the separate and private spaces do have a much larger value, especially in the case of small flats where privacy is really worth gold.